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I was forwarded this story from the Wall Street Journal the other day. It’s specifically about a few guys who find a dump truck on the fourth floor of a warehouse in Detroit and decide to push it out. On a larger scale though, it touches on the myriad of urban decay issues facing Detroit.

I won’t declaim on those issues because 2009 has apparently been the year of Detroit. Vice Magazine has a great piece about the over-saturation of coverage on the “urban ruins” of Detroit and the ubiquity of journalists who are there for nothing other than the iconic photo-ops. However, this Wall Street Journal piece was interesting because, while it shines it’s light on the very obvious issues that Detroit faces, it also goes into micro-mode and finds something illustrative of those issues. Way to go WSJ!

After reading this piece though I couldn’t help but think of Escape from New York, the futuristic, dystopian 1980’s movie starring Kurt Russell as Snake Plissken, ex-military man-turned-convict who is commissioned to rescue the President from Manhattan, which has been converted into a maximum security prison island (much like the Australia of old!)

This particular quote from the WSJ article is what made me draw the parallel: “Mayhem. That’s what they should call the place…If you decide you want to push a dump truck out of a window, this is the place to do it.”

Decide for yourself.



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